CYBERSECURITY for Commercial and Corporate Real Estate – Developing a Sound Strategy

March 14, 2019

General IT-related breaches, real estate information management and transactions, IoT-enabled smart connected buildings and now physical security and access control are all targets for nation states, maligned actors and disgruntled employees. This podcast will bring together a host of Real Estate Cyber professionals to discuss the threat landscape, cyber solution options, developing a comprehensive cyber strategy, the Real Estate Cyber Consortium and more.

Controlling a Building from Your Phone – OCCUPANT EXPERIENCE Platforms Arrive

February 28, 2019

With so many options and approaches available, what are the best strategies for occupant experience? Build versus buy, functionality selection, solution integration and ongoing support are just some of the topics to be addressed by the industries’ most respected professionals.


February 7, 2019

Combining internal and external data can provide organizations with a better understanding of individual assets, portfolios and markets. This podcast will gather the industries’ most experienced professionals who will discuss how data disruption and leveraging data will allow you to better position yourself for significant growth. Product options, data strategies, personnel requirements and more will be addressed.

Understanding the Next Generation of Smart Buildings – A CASE STUDY Showcase

January 17, 2019

Case studies provide the opportunity to review the technology decisions as well as the organizational issues and planning processes involved in creating a next generation project. This podcast will present the most successful and notable smart building projects in the world. Project leaders will share their vision, successes and challenges!

In-Building Wireless and Emerging 5G and CBRS Technology – The Potential Impact on Commercial Real Estate

December 13, 2018

Although still a couple of years away, 5G and CBRS have not only become hot topics for carriers, telecom equipment manufacturers and end-users, but also building owners and tenants. Despite the high level of interest, there are still numerous questions on how building owners will actually connect with these technologies, and how they’ll impact tenants and visitor’s consumption of data. In this podcast we’ll explore how CRE stakeholders can best prepare to take advantage of these groundbreaking new technologies.

Smart Building Data Analytics - Operating Real Estate @ a New Level of Efficiency

November 8, 2018

How do I connect devices? What data is important, and how much data is too much? How do I differentiate between all the systems, and which should be integrated? Where do I find the expertise on best practices? This podcast will present insight from industry leaders @ the forefront of the smart building analytics revolution.

Commercial and Corporate Real Estate Cyber Risk - Developing a Comprehensive Strategy

October 25, 2018

Hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear about a Cyber breach. While most of the incidents we hear about involve data or financial theft, there is a looming threat…our built infrastructure. This podcast will focus on the entire spectrum of Commercial and Corporate Real Estate cyber challenges, solutions and strategies.

Technology and the Impact to a Corporate Real Estate Strategy - Innovators Weigh In

October 10, 2018

Technology, automation and innovation are redefining how we operate and use space in ways never imagined. Hear from some of the most respected and innovative corporate real estate executives in the industry.

Technology and the Impact to a Commercial Real Estate Strategy – Innovators Weigh In

October 3, 2018

For today’s Commercial Real Estate CIO, new technologies continue to emerge that are changing the landscape daily. This podcast will discuss the wide-ranging set of technologies changing the commercial real estate industry and more importantly, the types of strategies necessary to navigate at an ever-increasing speed. Hear from some of the industry’s most successful CIOs regarding this “Age of Acceleration!”

Budgeting and Forecasting 5.0 - The Next Evolution

September 20, 2018

The budgeting and forecasting process is one of the most important components in a commercial or investment real estate company's strategy. An organization's success or failure can depend on the accuracy and reliability of these mission-critical processes. In this podcast we'll explore some of the most sophisticated thinking on budget and forecasting for commercial real estate.